Inspired & Designed in Jumeirah, Dubai. Manufactured in South Korea.

It all started with water...

BODYFUL started in 2021 with a mission to define beauty with water, in the most natural and purest way.

We believe that beauty comes in all shapes, features, tones, height, style, and weight. But most people doubt themselves when they see their flaws such as with frizzy hair or dry and bumpy skin.

“My hair and skin have become so frizzy and dry since I came here…”One of the top concerns we hear from Dubai expats.

Talking about water may seem so simple and straightforward, but water is actually one of the most important basic necessity in our daily lives. Water can affect our health may it be from drinking or showering.

Although, Dubai is known to be one of the cities with cleanest water supply, the pipes and tubes that water goes through doesn’t get cleaned regularly. BODYFUL created the best way to capture rust and dirt from pipes, and hard chlorines used in your water.

We make your water hair and skin-friendly.

Hard water is one of the main cause of hair loss and dry skin. Since it contains lots of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and copper in a high proportion. So we created a product that your hair and skin will thank you for!

An easy to use shower filter to soften your water with Vitamin C that improves your hair and skin conditions with a shower.

We Upgrade your Shower Experience

Showering can’t just be a boring part of your daily routine. It’s your me-time. It’s your quick meditation escape. And maybe, your own music concert. But most importantly, it’s your massage time. 

A BODYFUL shower can give you a full body massage with its finest water sprinkle. Our Vitamin Filter contains scents that turn your shower into a spa-like experience.

Improve your Lifestyle

Improves your well-being by choosing the right product.

BODYFUL redesigns your water and shower experience to provide you the very best balance between health and beauty.

Experience a clean Vitamin Water that cares for you and believes that true beauty starts from shower.