Your Shower Soothing Escape

Your Shower Soothing Escape

With all of the stress and uncertainty, showers are no longer just a way to cleanse your body, but an act of serene self-care. Level up your showers to have that full soothing escape with these extra rituals.

Adjusting your light to a warm lighting promotes relaxation and helps to calm the mind. Whether you’re bathing before bed or just in need of a dose of grounding glimmer during the day, flick on a small accent light that emits a soft, mellow glow. 

Finding an attractive swoon-worthy shower curtain. Whether it’s a breezy, two-toned linen number or something a bit punchier, like bold jungle flowers, it’s about what you're drawn to and what will make you feel at ease. On the other hand, an ever-soothing candle-lit ambience will not only make you feel good but secures your mind to be at ease and whittle away the stress.

While the inclination to turn the dial all the way up is only natural during winter, it's best to avoid searing hot temperatures, which can compromise the skin's moisture barrier, and in turn, its overall health. In particular, get your regular shower head changed to a shower filter that includes Vitamin C to add an extra protection for your skin and has an aromatherapy to make you feel more at ease at the same time. This new technology will surely elevate your usual shower routine and will make you not want to go back to your regular one.

Now, time to have your mini soothing escape at your shower room with just simple but extraordinary adjustments to make you more comfortable and relaxed daily.

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