Pamper in the Shower

Pamper in the Shower

Treat yourself to something extra special through a relaxing shower. The effect is almost magical, leaving us feeling calm and restored from the moment the water rushes through our skin. A shower can be just as much an act of beauty as a bath, especially if it’s done right. All you need are just the right shower products, and a little preparation.

Treat your skin.

You don’t need an hour-long soak in the bathtub to feel like your skin’s had a treat. The right shower products will achieve that deeply nourished, bath-fresh feeling, too. Just like the Bodyful Beauty Shower which filters out the water impurities and removes all dirt and chemicals that will harm your skin. No need to add other chemical-based products.


Fragrance can truly influence your emotions when you’re looking to de-stress and unwind. Good thing the Vitamin Filters also come with relaxing mild scents that you can enjoy while showing. Plug in that Pine Forest Vitamin Filter to inhale the aroma of nature.

Allow some ‘me time’.

You don’t need to rush your shower time no matter how quick it should be. Appreciate your time and peace alone, and just let the water wash over you and the breeze of Pine Forest take over you.

Prolong the pampering.

Stepping out of the shower room can be the most unhappy part of pampering, but invest in some big, fluffy towels. Wrapping yourself in something soft and lavish is the ultimate in pampering. Extra tip: heat them up while you’re in the shower so they’re warm when you’re ready to dry.
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