Know Your Water: Hard vs Soft

Know Your Water: Hard vs Soft

You may have heard of hard or soft water, but you wouldn't know what makes water “hard” or “soft”. The difference between hard and soft water is the mineral content of the water. Hard water will have a greater concentration of minerals, while soft water has a very low amount of minerals that may deeply affect your hair and skin. The minerals found in hard water mostly consist of calcium and magnesium, which are commonly found in chalky soil and limestone. The final composition of minerals in hard water will depend on the soil around the water source for your municipal supply. 

Areas where water frequently comes in contact with surfaces and fixtures will display the most common effects of hard water. The signs of hard water in bathrooms can be found on shower fixtures in the form of soap scum and scaling. However, this residue isn’t the end of hard water’s effects in your shower. You may be surprised to learn hard water in your shower can also affect the health of your hair and skin.

Good thing Bodyful’s Beauty Shower can be a great solution to your hard water problems in your area! With two stages of filtration, you’ll feel every inch of your hair and skin hydrated, moisturized, and even healthier! From the tiniest dust particles to harsh chlorine chemicals, Bodyful’s shower filters those imperfections so you get the best water and relaxation!

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