Detangle the Beauty Secret

Detangle the Beauty Secret

Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors, especially the beach! Just imagine lying on a beach bed, salty breeze of air, sunnies on your eyes, a huge hat on your head, with your current favorite book to read, and a cooling coconut juice on the side table. But it all comes down the line when you get home with frizzy and dry hair!
From letting your hair soak in conditioners, different types of oils, anti-frizz products, and to name a few, we’ve all probably experienced it. But hair would still tangle on your hairbrush. This is every long-haired girls’ problem when the summer season comes! Especially living in one of the Middle East countries, where heat and humidity is intensified and just makes a perfect frizzy hair recipe.
Here’s a top-notch secret to protect your hair from this summer’s frizz that everyone must know!

Water is the key! You read that right! No one would think that as simple as water would be the longing solution to our dry and frizzy hair problems. But it’s not just any of your normal water that you use for showering, and not even your drinking water. It’s as easy as vitamin-infused filtered water from Bodyful! Its 2-stages filtration system makes sure that no single drop of chemical pollutant and small particles reaches your hair and skin, instead replacing it with Vitamin C for an added protection and hydration!


What are you waiting for? Spread the secret!

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