Beat Dubai’s Summer Heat

Beat Dubai’s Summer Heat

UAE’s heat waves causing high temperatures across the country. The steaming hot water from the shower adds to the problem. You may be wondering how to safely stay cool this summer. To help you beat the heat, we suggest you try our favorite tips to keep cool when the summer sun gets too hot to handle!

1. Explore the Indoors

First of all, avoid the heat altogether by staying inside with adequate ventilation. You’ll surely love going to a mall this summer season. Maybe try hanging out at a library, movie theater, or restaurant are other ways to get in a few hours of air conditioning.

2. Always have a water with you

It’s easy for the body to lose water through sweating when exposed to high temperatures. This is why drinking enough fluids would help a lot in protecting yourself against heatstroke or heat exhaustion.

3. Spare a shower time

Let’s be honest, the best way to stay cool this summer is being in the water. We usually stay in the pool or by the beach to still enjoy the summer’s heat. But after all that, the next usual thing that we need is a cool shower. Especially when you’re in the UAE, a steaming hot shower is very common no matter where you live. Cool shower is the answer with Bodyful’s Shower Filter to make sure every drop that your skin absorbs is clean and chemical-free.

4. Wear cool clothes and don’t forget your sunscreen

Wear loose, lightweight, and light-colored clothing on hot days. Make sure to apply sunscreen on any areas of your body not covered by clothing when going outdoors.
Keeping cool is always more than about comfort. Finding ways to keep from overheating isn’t just for a pleasure but a must for your health too!

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