A summer problem is popping as the temperature is rising! Ugh! Breakouts everywhere that are caused by chemicals mix in sweat, grime, and other factors. But worry no more with some tips to treat these pimps these summer!


Just like how we change our outfits depending on the weather condition. It is also important to change your skincare from season to season. It’s best to transition your skincare routine from oil-based to a water-based product this summer to avoid more breakouts. Best ones to look out for in products that include Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Retinol.


As much as pimple popping might give us satisfaction to watch but doing it yourself can lead to more inflammations, scars, and infection with all the digging and squeezing. You might not think about the downstream effects of picking at your blemishes. With acne, a potential for scarring may occur when you manipulate the skin and cause hyperpigmentations.


Keep in mind that our skin is our biggest organ. Therefore, we can be prone to dehydration this summer season, which can lead to increased oil production and, in turn, more breakouts. From a dry scalp to flaky knees, your water intake shows up on your skin. But we’ve got great news for you! Healthy and hydrated skin is now achievable with vitamin-infused water straight  from your shower with Bodyful. 

To wrap it up, always consider talking to your dermatologist if your acne isn’t going away this summer vacay!

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