6 Relaxing Shower Rituals

6 Relaxing Shower Rituals

Whenever you need to relax and wonder how you can pamper yourself at home, most probably, you’re thinking of a bubble bath or a warm bath with a cup of tea or maybe a glass of wine, including your favorite aromatic scent. Say hello to your new relaxing shower rituals with these essential tips!

Make a shower playlist

Music takes the stress out of shuffling and makes a relaxing shower playlist. One minutes you’re getting your emotions out, then the next song hypes your vibe up with that new pop song. Hit that play button before you hop in the shower and just enjoy your fine-tuned playlist!

Dim the lights

Turn the lights down a few notches. Or opt to switch them off completely and just go old school with a few candles arranged around the bathroom. The warm flickering light creates the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing shower.

Lit a scented candle

That extra relaxing smell from the candle just put the mood even better. You can choose between jasmine, lavender, chamomile, or eucalyptus, which are all great options, and they're known for their relaxing properties.

Get the water to “just” right

Too cold water will surely make you shiver once you step in the shower, while too hot can disrupt your body’s natural cooling and may damage your skin. Get the water temperature to the perfect feeling or effect that you want to make the most of a relaxing shower.

Bubble your bath

What a better way to enjoy your shower experience more than having more bubbles in your bath! Relish your cleansing time with your favorite soap bars, shampoo, and scrubs.

Switch to Bodyful

Have you ever tried changing your regular shower head into a more luxurious one? Now’s the time to take a switch! Imagine that little massages from the clean water rush, a light dreamy scent, and the Vitamin C that adds a layer of protection to your skin and keeps it soft and hydrated.
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