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Red Hair is Back on Trend because of these Celebrities

Recently this year 2022, celebrities and fashion icons like Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, and even Zendaya, dyed their hair copper red and became an instant trendsetter for the younger generations. Because of their influence, red hair became the warmth color of the year since it brings out a bold and daring moment. Although coloring your hair red isn’t just a trend among celebrities, but throughout the TikTok Community. 

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Meanwhile, natural red-haired people are most likely to be bullied and teased growing up, as they are stereotyped in the community as clownish, weak, and a bit hefty. One of the reasons is that the population of natural red haired people is just 1 to 2 percent, which makes them have the most rare hair color compared to dark, brown, and blonde hair colors. But how do you think red hair started naturally and how did they maintain this vibrant color?

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Scientists used to think red hair evolved to help people produce Vitamin D in cold places with little sunlight, just like Ireland. But in recent discoveries, the genetic variants associated with red hair became common after the migration of people from Africa to the less sunny climates since darker hairs actually acted as a shield against the harmful UV rays. Because of the change in climate, their darker hair tends to dye down to lighter and copper colored hair.

But when red haired people go back to the hotter areas across the globe, there’s a tendency that their now natural red hair color turns orange-y, brassy, or rusty after too much time soaking up under the sun. This is why staying out of the sun can help lessen this dilemma. Also, since red hair, may it be natural or colored, loses its gloss and vibrancy overtime, proper care needs to be taken seriously to keep it from fly-away and dryness. 
In that case, start it from the shower! Shampooing everyday is the quickest way to fade those colors down. That’s why from time to time, switch to lightweight dry shampoo that offers a nice fragrance and a conditioner to keep the silk and glow of your hair. Last but not the least, water from your shower can be an added problem to why your colored hair fades right away. This is caused by the rust, small particles, and chlorine that flows along your water pipes around your house. In order to filter those out and get the best clean water is having a Bodyful Shower Filter in your bathroom so you don’t have to worry about having a frizzy red hair day any day!
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