Let’s Talk About Rust Issues

Let’s Talk About Rust Issues

Rust in the water of your homes just leaves you and your family in a very unhealthy space which should be fixed and treated as soon as possible. It may not look like it’s a big deal but seeing the change, specifically when it comes to your hair and skin, would make you not want to go back to your normal and unclean water. The bottom line is that it would leave your hair and skin damaged or worse, could put your family’s health in danger. 

Let’s take a closer look at it, internally. Rust in water comes from oxidized iron particles that flake away from the pipes and into your water supply. You don’t want those tiny things to reach or even touch your body. This type of water issue is the last problem you hope to deal with as a resident in the UAE. But luckily, Bodyful is in Dubai to help you with your rust issues!

The rust in the water isn't seen with the naked eyes but with Bodyful’s Shower Filter, you will have a clearer picture of what’s in your water with its transparent shower head that allows you to see all the icks and yucks which your tap contains. You’ll soon be in relief and grateful that those didn’t reach your hair and skin and be 100% sure that only clean and filtered water washes over your body that leaves it more healthy and moisturized!

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