Inspired & Designed in Jumeirah, Manufactured in Korea

Inspired & Designed in Jumeirah, Manufactured in Korea


BODYFUL begins with powerful inspiration of Jumeirah’s beauty and its exceptional luxury.

BODYFUL’s mission is to define beauty with water nature itself in the purest way. True joy of nature is when every drop of water, our joy of moment in life also shines from the morning and night drops in your daily journey. BODYFUL’s spirit, happier soul and connection to our inner beauty were greatly inspired by middle east exquisite beauty and wisdom, where the miracles happen for people’s dream.
Join BODYFUL, the journey of beauty & mindful moment.
Inspired & Designed in Jumeirah, Dubai
Manufactured in South Korea


BODYFUL’s journey starts with a mission to fulfil mindfulness in our BODY & SOUL with middle east exquisite beauty inspiration. From the greatest inspiration from the land and ocean, BODYFUL presents a new choice for happier heart in your lifestyle. Define your beauty and wear beauty in the purest way of nature.
BODYFUL cherishes the gifts of mother earth, Make a difference with BODYFUL. Seize the Moment of Beauty of You with BODYFUL


BODYFUL redesigns your water and shower experience to provide the very best balance between health and beauty for your body. Experience holistic beauty shower that cares from the basics, our true beauty starts from good water itself.
Redesign your water with middle east water revolution with BODYFUL,
Experience the SKIN & HAIR favourable water.

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