From Shower to Spa Experience

From Shower to Spa Experience

Do you prefer making your shower a leisure experience? You probably like adding a few extra minutes for some dedicated “me time” or just keeping a short shower. Either way, an easy technique can help maximize the time you spend in that space and transform it into a luxury spa experience. And it’s not just about shower bouquets or any type of fairy magic. 

A little aromatherapy can truly elevate your dream shower spa at the comfort of your home such as essential oils, eucalyptus bouquet, and spray a little mist. Notable aromas include lavender, sandalwood, roman chamomile, and linden blossom, all of which have research-backed abilities to encourage relaxation. Whether you use the dream mist on your pillow before bed, as a meditation aid, or to freshen up your loungewear, you're destined to get the most out of this floral yet complex blend. 

But have you heard of light scented water straight from your shower? Not only does it provide you an aromatherapeutic shower experience, but also makes your water clean before it touches your skin because of its water filtration system. Bodyful, a Dubai-based brand offers you an amazing luxurious spa-like shower experience so you would no longer need to worry about leaving your homes just to relax. 

If you're looking to turn your daily rinse into self-care central, a shower spa experience is the perfect relaxation for you. Add a pinch of aromatherapy to your shower with Bodyful Shower Filter.

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