Does Chlorine Affect Your Hair?

Does Chlorine Affect Your Hair?

In most common cities, adding chlorine to water supplies is one of their solutions to disinfect water which helps in protecting the neighborhood from harmful bacteria and pathogens that can make the people sick. Although, most of the time, the chlorine dissolves in water before it reaches your tap, high amounts of chlorine that remains in your water can cause some issues, not just your skin, but on your hair too!

It absorbs all of your hair and skin’s natural oils. In effect, it will leave your hair extremely dry which causes other hair damages which includes fading hair color, tangle and rough hair, vulnerable to breakage, itchy scalp and dandruff, and more split ends. 

Altering your hair’s natural color is one of the most noticeable changes that chlorine can do to your hair. The chemical effect leaves hard metals behind which actually causes your hair to look brassy or have a greenish hue. This outcome is one of the problems of people who love dyeing their hair or investing in high-quality hair products. 

The best hair product to invest in is something you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging it all over again. Invest in a shower filter that will be worth every penny and be the best solution for your hair damage problems. Bodyful is the change you’re waiting for. With its Beauty Shower Filter, it stops the rusts, dirt, and chlorine from doing further damage to your hair. The perfect product that gives you the hair maintenance you need right from the shower!
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