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Can Shower Ease Migraines?

Have you ever had bad migraines that affect your day and productivity so badly? Setting up an appointment to meet your doctor will be the best action you could take for your health and safety. However, if everything turns out to be normal and you just have to look for the right and proper way to relieve that head pain, here’s what experts and people with migraine recommend. 

Manage your stress. Make a schedule for you to destress once in a while. It’s important to listen to your body when it needs to rest in order to keep the energy flowing. Overstressing yourself during the work week might just trigger your migraines. Breathing exercise would be the best way to release your tensions with a simple inhale and exhale to loosen up your muscles in your body. You may also want to try it with aromatherapy as some scents really help relieve the stress, aches and pains. Like peppermint and lavender to make you less aware of the pain, at the same time lowers your anxiety.

Keeping a regular time to go to bed and time to wake up every morning would help stop any type of head pains that happen often. You might want to also stick to the usual times you eat daily and set up your regular exercise routine. Consistency helps your body know what’s coming up next and may give you lesser migraine attacks.

One of the best ways you can ease your migraines is a steamy shower. Soaking in a bath can help the tension of tight muscles that can add to the pain that migraine causes. One tip is using a good shower head that splashes out the finest water which helps ease the pain. Bodyful’s shower head has got that perfect shower rush that touches your head and whole body like a massage. It also goes 2-in-1 as it releases an amazing scent such as Sweet Oud, Pine Forest, and Baby Powder to give you an ultimate relaxation.

What are you waiting for? Ease those pains with a Bodyful shower!
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