Beyond Hairdressing with Simona

Beyond Hairdressing with Simona

Hairstyling is probably one of the most used beauty services in Dubai. Glamming up is just the go-to pampering of the ladies, may it be locals or foreigners. Celebrity hairstylist Simona, a Finnish-Arab hairdresser who grew up in Finland, shares how she started in her career and curates a unique hairstyling service for her clients through sage.
Growing up, Simona used to color and style her Mother's hair as a child. At the age of 16, she finally decided to pursue a passion that she truly cares about ever since she was young, which became her actual profession for almost 20 years. Her sincere dedication to the work has fetched her very strong clientele even including a long list of celebrity clients in Dubai and abroad. 

Her exquisite styling technique includes cleansing the hair with the aroma of sage as a way for her client to purify, renew, and attract a positive energy. With this type of service, her clients sure kept coming back not just to receive the best hair styling service but having that moment of mindful cleansing and a quick meditation that Simona provides. 
Be updated on Beyond Hairdressing with Simona to know more hair maintenance secrets that she’s about to unveil!


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